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Whatever your support requirements are; technical, billing or general support, the staff of ReachSMS are more than happy to assist you.

How much does ReachSMS cost?

ReachSMS is free to join, costs are only associated with sending SMS and additional services. Pre-paid credits are required in order to send SMS. To view current pricing click here

Do you use an Australian carriers to send SMS?

Yes, all our messages are sent via our supplier directly to the appropriate carrier network to ensure reliability of delivery.

Are there any signup fees or monthly costs?

There are no signup costs to use ReachSMS for sending SMS. Additional services such as 2Way SMS and number verification have costs. For more information on these products contacts sales.

How can I buy credits?

You can purchase credits online using your credit card via our easy to use payment gateway. Click here to purchase credits.

How do I send SMS?

We have multiple ways of sending SMS, “Quick”, “Bulk”, “International” and “Group” SMS via our Message Centre .

What format should my numbers be sent in?

Numbers can be entered be entered as normal, but our Message Centre recognises numbers in the international format without the leading 0 or +, for example, 61412345678.

Can I import my own contact list?

Yes you can import .csv files directly into your ReachSMS contact lists. When you upload the file please ensure that your columns are named correctly.

How do I utilise Email2SMS

Step 1: Register one or two email addresses in your ReachSMS account section.log in (if you are not already logged in), click on Accounts on the top bar, then Manage Accounts, the click on Master Account and scroll down until you see the fields EMAIL TO SMS APPROVED EMAIL #1: AND EMAIL TO SMS APPROVED EMAIL #2:. Then type the email address (maximum 2) in the box of the person(s) who will be sending the email2sms messages in your organisation. We can then accept requests from your email program to our Email2SMS server.

Step 2: Create a new plain text email in your preferred email program.

Step 3: Add a recipient as the mobile number, i.e. as the email address.

Step 4: Subject line is the SMS sender ID, this can be an actual mobile for return SMS or a keyword up to 11 characters.

Step 5: The body of the email is the actual SMS message, don't forget messages up to a maximum of 160 characters are allowed.

How many SMS can I send at once?

You can send as many SMS as you like. However the more numbers the longer it may take.

How long does it take for an SMS to be sent?

On average the delivery time for an SMS is just 4 seconds, with over 99.7% of messages being delivered within 30seconds.

How many characters can I send per message?

Each message can be 160 characters long. You may send more than 160 characters however you will be charged for the cost of 2 messages.

Can I modify the SenderID?

Yes you may alter the ID as you see fit. This can be done within the message centre in the FROM / SENDER ID field.

Can I set up inbound SMS?

Yes you can setup an inbound SMS number so that you can receive replies to your messages. The reply messages will be forwarded to the Inbound SMS page in the administration area. To purchase an Inbound number there is a setup cost of $100 and a monthly fee of $30.

Do you offer custom programming and development or other services?

We currently offer bulk marketing list verification and marketing assistance, we do not have an in-house development department. We can however coordinate these type of projects on your behalf.