We are always working hard to make ReachSMS easier to use and feature rich.

Many may think sending bulk SMS is a difficult process, and well, it can be, but that is where ReachSMS is different. The team at ReachSMS has spent sleepless days and nights to build a platform that packed full of features, but simple and easy to use.

  • Web Platform

    With no software or application to install, you can use your ReachSMS account to send SMS messages from any computer that has internet access, anywhere in the world. This means that you can control your SMS delivery no matter where you are – all you need is internet access.

    Our Web Platform is available 24-hours a day and allows you to keep track of your SMS activity, save Message Templates, pre-plan messages with our SMS Scheduler and Import Contacts at any time that is suitable for you.

  • Web Based Admin Area

    Access your Reach SMS account and send SMS from any computer anywhere in the world. As part of the ReachSMS administration toolkit, you have access to a comprehensive set of admin tools and screen based dash board that provide you with valuable feedback relating to both sent and received messages, your account status and much more. (show sample dashboard screen and sample reports etc)

  • Import contacts

    By importing numbers onto your ReachSMS account, you can search and categorise your contacts without needing to repeatedly enter in the mobile number each time you need to send an SMS. This gives you the ability to send messages to a single or group of contacts faster and reliably.

  • Email2SMS

    Email2SMS gives you the ability to send messages to single or multiple contacts fast and reliably.Send SMS from your preferred email program via your ReachSMS account. You can add up to two authorised email accounts, start sending straight away.

  • SMS Scheduler

    SMS Scheduler enables you to pre-plan the time of your SMS delivery. This is a great feature for promotional events, warnings, alerts or even birthday wishes. Since a simple, straight forward SMS is often much faster and effective than postage packages, SMS Scheduler allows you to give your business a boost when you need it. You can also Import Contacts onto your ReachSMS account, ensuring maximum customer connection and retention.

  • Multiple user access

    ReachSMS is a system that allows you to create multiple users under the same account. This gives your team the ability to utilise the account in multiple ways at once, reaching out further to clients without being limited to the use of one device at a time. Each user is equipped with their individual user ID, enabling you to control the levels of access, as well as keep track of their individual activities.

  • Message Templates

    Need to send similar messages multiple times? Message Templates lets you store frequently used messages on your computer or a USB. This is perfect for appointment reminders and booking reservations, allowing you to reduce the amount of no-shows and revenue loss. With the option of personalising the SMS, you are able to use this fast and effective way of attaining client confirmation without the use of intrusive phone calls. Through the use of our SMS Scheduler, you won’t even need to be near a computer!