ReachSMS gives you the opportunity to communicate with thousands of people all over the world at anytime and from anywhere simply though our web-based portal. Without the need to download or install programs, our powerful, yet simple to use, online portal will ensure maximum customer connection with minimum costs giving your business the leap ahead in today’s tough business environment. Our purchasing power means that you can send and receive SMS messages to and from more than 200 countries for one low price.

Outbound SMS

Send a single SMS to one or multiple recipients – or customised SMS to multiple recipients - in any one of over 200 countries - click here for list of countries for the one low price. more

Whether you are looking to send multiple messages to a few friends or the same SMS to thousands, Outbound SMS allows you to communicate fast and effectively with potential clients or customers all at the touch of a button.

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Number Lookup & Database Clean-up

Save money and time by not sending SMS messages to inactive numbers by utilising the ReachSMS Number Lookup utility.

Number Lookup gives you the confidence to send SMS messages without worrying about whether they will be received or not. It also gives you confidence in your own contact database and the knowledge that your money is not being wasted on undelivered messages.

This utility produces a list of your numbers that are no longer active, which you can then remove from your contact lists. This can save you thousands of dollars over time and you will have the satisfaction that your messages are being delivered to the recipient you intended.

ReachSMS Duo SMS (2 Way Messaging)

Reach SMS dedicated virtual number
$49 per month flat fee – no charge for any Inbound SMS

ReachSMS can provide you with a dedicated virtual number to which your contacts can reply. There are no limits to the number of virtual numbers that you can operate, so you can run multiple inbound SMS campaigns at the same time. You simply use your dedicated virtual number as a sender ID on the outbound SMS message and the recipient replies to that number in the normal way. We then convert that inbound SMS message to text and email it to you. This process can be integrated into your own in-house business applications. Both outbound and inbound SMS messages and the emailed inbound SMS message could integrate with your own computer systems.

ReachSMS Duo SMS (2 Way Messaging)

ReachSMS Direct SMS (Key Word Inbound)
$22 per month flat fee – no charge for any Inbound SMS

The ReachSMS Key Word Inbound SMS service works in the same way as the dedicated virtual number service except that you do not use your own dedicated number. Your clients use a key word in their inbound SMS. Our systems recognise that key word and again email the inbound SMS message to you. Take a clothing store as an example, if you wanted to let your customers take advantage of a special offer but limit it to the first 50 customers. You could use a key word of “jeans” in your offer and collection instructions.  The message that you receive in response to your advertisement would include the customer’s number and the word "jeans". As you would have a record of your customers’ mobile numbers, and the order the messages were received you could easily identify and respond to the successful customers.

This service is offered at a single low price of $22 per month for as many campaigns as you choose.

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