Many may think sending bulk SMS is a difficult process, and well, it can be, but that is where ReachSMS is different. The team at ReachSMS has spent sleepless days and nights to build a platform that packed full of features, but simple and easy to use.

Sporting Organisations & Clubs

Group notifications

Reaching a group of people to deliver the same message can be a slow and tedious process. Calling people takes time and resources, and doesn’t always guarantee to get the message across. Email groups are increasingly popular, but even with the advent of smartphones and push email you can’t be guaranteed that a recipient reads your email in a timely fashion.

SMS offers a low cost, efficient method of getting information across to groups of any size. With near instantaneous delivery and ability to receive replies directly from recipients, the benefits of SMS are clear when compared to other contact methods, like telephone and email.

Teamed with the ReachSMS Inbound SMS Message service, a team manager can notify his team of last minute venue changes and get confirmation that the team member has received the message.

Clubs can notify members of special events on a regular basis and, by using a database, can tailor make messages to appropriately reach different target audiences.


Discounts and Special Offers

Brand awareness and customer loyalty are two key factors in retail success. It’s no longer sufficient to rely on traditional media and marketing channels to bring customers through the door.

Using SMS, retailers can put their promotional message directly in the hands of thousands of customers in literally seconds. The real-time nature of SMS allows time-sensitive promotions to be executed quickly and efficiently. For example, “15% off today only – show this message to qualify”.

Customers can be directed to go to your website or come into the store. Imagine the ease in which you could SMS your customers a coupon that could then be entered into your website and deliver them exclusive special offers and pricing.

The two-way nature of the combined ReachSMS Outbound and Inbound Message service means that you can also get customers to provide feedback on their retail experience in a simple and discrete way, or provide their details to register for a loyalty scheme.


Customer appointment notifications

Missed appointments can cost a business hundreds of hours each year, and for the customer it can be frustrating, not to mention highly inconvenient. Nobody wants to wait at home all day for a tradesman to arrive to fix something or for a gardener to mow the lawn.

Whether you are a builder, plumber, electrician, handyman or gardener, you can use SMS to remind customers of when you had arranged to be at their premises. Messages can be sent the day before the appointment and, then, on the day of the appointment itself a text can be sent to the customer shortly before arrival. Not only does this reduce the cost and time associated with ‘no shows’, but also can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Plant Hire Signage & Smart metering


Most portable signs today can be updated remotely via SMS. If you own or operate a plant that displays messages (such as portable illuminated signage used where there is road construction work), there is no more efficient way of changing and updating the sign, than by using the inexpensive ReachSMS Outbound SMS message service.

Smart Metering

Governments today worldwide are mandating the use of smart meter technology as an energy saving initiative, with utility companies keen to harness a customer’s’ real-time usage information to better understand service demands.

SMS is a cost-effective method to send usage information from smart meters to a central database. Compared to GPRS and 3G data services, SMS is universally available wherever there is mobile network coverage, even at low signal strengths.

Construction, Property & Mobile Workforce

Job allocation for mobile workers

With a mobile workforce, downtime costs money. Help reduce wastage, reduce communication costs and improve efficiency by allocating jobs via the ReachSMS Outbound Message service.

Communicating job details in a text message can also alleviate mistakes associated with telephone communications. For example, the possibility of mishearing an address or customer contacts details. This increased accuracy can result in an increase in customer satisfaction, along with a reduction of the costs involved in rectifying mistakes or dealing with delays.

Managing contractors on client sites

Communicating with staff based at a client location can be difficult, especially on large construction projects where the vast scale of the site can mean workers are spread out across a large distance.

SMS on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis can put you in instant contact with your teams, even in noisy environments where it isn’t possible to make a regular phone call. The ReachSMS Inbound SMS Message facility can also allow your recipients to respond immediately to messages.

Real Estate appointment reminders

Whether it is property rental or sales, time is money in the real estate business. No-shows can delay the rest of your appointments, as well as wasting time that could be better spent.

Using the ReachSMS Outbound SMS Message service to send a reminder message to a prospective viewer can help reduce missed appointments. Additionally, including the property address details on the message can assist the viewer to locate the property with the minimum of fuss.

Rent payment reminders

Late paying tenants cost a significant amount of money – not only in lost revenue - but in the cost of collection. The ReachSMS Outbound SMS Message service can increase response rates without resorting to expensive call centre resources. The price of a text message is a fraction of the cost of a traditional paper-based reminder, with the added advantage of near-instantaneous delivery.


Appointment reminders

Missed appointments lose healthcare professionals thousands of hours each year, and cost the healthcare sector billions worldwide. Although it is becoming increasingly common to charge the patient for a missed appointment, such practices don’t attempt to fix the problem.

SMS is proven to reduce the amount of missed appointments in the healthcare sector. As well as being low cost compared to traditional contact methods, SMS requires less resources, and can also deliver information directly to the recipient in a confidential and convenient manner – often directly from your practice software.

Advice and support services

Giving up smoking can be one of the hardest habits to kick – with many smokers relapsing after a short period of time. Providing group and one-to-one support is one method of helping patients succeed, but can be expensive and time consuming.

SMS can be used in two different ways as a support mechanism: Firstly, a series of motivational messages can be scheduled to be sent automatically throughout the period of the smoking cessation course – for instance congratulating the patient on reaching a milestone, or counting down to the commencement of the course.

Secondly, healthcare professionals and support workers can use the ReachSMS Outbound and Inbound SMS Message service to facilitate two-way communications directly and discretely with the patient, providing a non-intrusive contact method.

Financial Services

Payment reminders

Need to get paid on time? When your customers are late paying your bill, you incur interest and collection costs and, in some cases, the money never gets paid at all. If you were to provide your client with a timely reminder, which can be automated, you are much more likely to get paid in preference to others in circumstances where your client doesn’t have the money for everybody.

ReachSMS Outbound SMS messages can increase response rates without you resorting to expensive call centres. With the price of a text message a fraction of the cost of a traditional paper-based reminder, and the added advantage of near-instantaneous delivery.

One-time passwords

One-time passwords (OTP) via SMS bring the benefit of increased security to internet banking and other financial services without the requirement for special devices such as security tokens.

This is delivered through ReachSMS’s secure messaging platform and encrypted SSL (secure socket layer) connections.

Transaction alerts

With the increasing threat of financial fraud, transaction alerts via SMS are an increasingly popular method of handling fraud prevention. Customers can be immediately notified about suspect transactions, and using the ReachSMS Inbound SMS Message service a customer can reply to cancel or authorise the transaction in question.

Using SMS for transaction alerts can result in an increase in customer satisfaction, along with a reduction in the costs of dealing with potentially fraudulent transactions.

Education, after school care & school sports

Emergency notifications to students, parents or staff

There’s an emergency and the school is closed. You can use the ReachSMS Outbound Message service to communicate this time critical information with a minimum of fuss and cost to both students and teachers.

SMS can get your message to thousands of recipients on a near-instantaneous basis. Whether you're communicating to a whole school, or just a class or group, your message will be delivered direct to the intended recipient within seconds.

Teacher-parent communication

With an increasing amount of parents working longer hours, it's getting increasingly difficult for teachers to communicate with parents at a time convenient for both parties.

SMS can help teachers reach parents, and vice versa, through non-obtrusive and confidential two-way near instantaneous communication. Messages can be read and responded to at a convenient time to the recipient, with a cost and time saving compared to traditional contact methods.

Public Sector

Resident feedback/issue reporting

Many cities and suburbs in Australia already have a method for residents to provide feedback or report issues, usually by telephoning a published 1300 or 1800 number. These often require a large amount of resources to operate, and can be expensive and inefficient due to the large amount of manual intervention required.

Using the ReachSMS two-way SMS, residents can submit feedback or report issues simply and efficiently at any time of the day in a matter of seconds. The relevant department can keep the resident informed of progress with updates sent via SMS. These interactions cost a fraction of the charges associated with telephone or postal-based communication, and can improve efficiency as well as resident satisfaction.

Refuse/recycling collection reminders

With local authorities under increasing pressure to reduce the financial and environmental cost of landfill, residents are being asked to comply with increasingly complicated refuse and recycling schedules and processes. As council clean-up days often only occur twice a year, and are on different days in each street or suburb, it is easy for a resident to forget.

Residents can receive SMS alerts reminding them well in advance of council clean-up days and as well as increasing resident satisfaction, such services can decrease requests for additional collections, and provide improved efficiency.

Transport & Logistics

Taxi and hire car booking

Customers can send an SMS to your ReachSMS virtual Inbound SMS number with their address and requested pick-up time. The message can either be processed automatically by your booking system or passed over to a real person for verification. Such a service allows taxi and hire companies to reduce costs associated with telephone operator staff and improves customer satisfaction.

Once a taxi is booked, the customer can be kept updated with the progress of the vehicle (distance from pick-up point, estimated time) by SMS – and then again alerted when the taxi is outside. Providing the registration details (e.g. number or licence plate) and a description of the vehicle can give the customer peace of mind and a feeling of safety.

Vehicle tracking/telemetry

Whilst many telemetry and tracking solutions rely on 2G or 3G data, these mobile operator services are not always available, especially in remote areas.

SMS can provide either a primary or back-up telemetry channel between a vehicle telemetry system and a central application. The store-and-forward ability of SMS also means messages destined for telemetry devices are not lost when they are not connected to the mobile network.

Hearing Impaired

Communication with the deaf and hearing impaired community

Communication with deaf and hearing-impaired people has traditionally relied on methods such as sign language, teletype (TTY) – and more recently email and Instant Messaging (IM). Whilst each of these methods has its own merits, they also can also be prohibitively expensive for everyday use, or have other limitations.

SMS is an ideal technology for communicating with the deaf and hearing-impaired. Unlike other technology specifically designed for deaf and hearing-impaired people (e.g. TTY), SMS does not require each party to have specialist compatible equipment, or rely on an expensive intermediary to translate messages back and forth.